The semi-industrial sector is heavily represented in Antwerp-Borgerhout (Imobe Semi-Industrieel), Antwerp-Merksem (Vaartkaai), Mechelen (Coberna Semi-Industrieel), and Willebroek (Antwerp South Logistics and De Wille). The dynamic working environment and the flexibility per square metre we offer make our business parks highly appealing to SMEs, and allow us to respond rapidly to our ever-changing world. Don’t just take our word for it – our constantly high occupancy rate demonstrates that our approach works.


Accessibility is one of the most important factors when choosing an office location. That’s why we have opted to develop and manage office projects in Mechelen and Antwerp. Our offices stand out for their versatility and ample underground parking facilities. The rooms are designed to be flexible to share. This means that we can accommodate anyone from small scale-ups to public services and regional offices of multinational companies. In addition, our office buildings are timeless in style; the structure consists of high-quality, durable materials that are low-maintenance.


Antwerp South Logistics is a state-of-the-art logistics site, with an area of over 95,000 m². The spaces are high, have a large span, and can sustain a maximum floor load. Thanks to its location and proximity to the A12 motorway, the site is the jewel in the logistics crown that is Willebroek.

Asset management

Asset management is an integral part of our daily operations. At Group Bernaerts, our asset management builds on experience and expertise that we have gained in property management. We report directly to our stakeholders, and act in line with international standards, which makes us well aligned with the global property finance market. This strategy helps us to achieve our growth ambition.

Property management

We manage our own property, including renting and selling units we have built. This is in line with our philosophy and the values of our corporate culture. While we have an excellent relationship with several renowned estate agencies, we feel it’s important to keep in contact with the consumer market directly – so we can keep up with every development that happens.

Our tenants are at the heart of our operations, which is why we are constantly working on new concepts and initiatives that encourage them to stay with us. In addition, we optimize the cost of our properties by renting them out in the long term.


At Group Bernaerts, we have developed and built up our portfolio ourselves. While this has come with its risks, we managed a solid, phased roll-out in tune with the project marketing. By pursuing this approach, we know our portfolio through and through, and have managed to develop more or less as predicted, reducing the number of unexpected surprises.

We have an extensive land bank, with a wide selection of holdings. Each project is driven by a construction team and carefully selected suppliers, so we can build projects rapidly and efficiently to a transparent timeline.