At Group Bernaerts, we have developed and built up our portfolio ourselves. While this has come with its risks, we managed a solid, phased roll-out in tune with the project marketing. By pursuing this approach, we know our portfolio through and through, and have managed to develop more or less as predicted, reducing the number of unexpected surprises.

We have a wide selection of different land holdings. Each project is driven by a skilled construction team and carefully selected suppliers, so we can build your project rapidly and efficiently to a transparent timeline.


We manage the same property that we develop. This is in line with our corporate culture, keeping lines short and acting quickly and efficiently and always with our mind fixed on quality. Our customers are at the heart of our day-to-day operations. At Group Bernaerts, we continuously come up with new concepts and initiatives that encourage our tenants to enter a long-term collaboration.

Sales and rentals

Group Bernaerts also sells and rents out property. While we have excellent professional relationships with several renowned estate agencies, we feel it’s important to keep in contact with the market directly. We are following every development closely. Our established position in the region and years of expertise make us the perfect partner and advisor, whatever your plans.